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Armour or Lacquer restoration?

Try Robert Soanes in England. His work comes highly recommended. Click here to see some of his work.

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Need some sword parts?
Try sword service- he has all the parts you could ever need. All modern fittings with a good service.

Need some sword books and related art books?
site has loads of new and out-of-print books on anything & everything sword related. 

Sword for Sale

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Aoi-Art sword shop, polishing etc. run by
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Nihonto Classified Ads run by ; these classified ads are for buying, selling and posting 'Wanted' ads relating to Japanese swords, fittings, and miscellaneous items. This is a free service and a nonprofit venture and all are welcome to post ads and to visit.

Japanese Polishing:

in Japan:

: Specializes in later period swords. Agent for Japanese polisher, English speaking.

Getting thirsty and want some Japanese Green Tea?
Interesting site on Japanese Green Tea with links to other Japanese Art & Craft related sites - follow the Japanese theme...


Bad guys

                Here is one of many!

Also John Spicer (Australia) who used my name on an obvious gimei Hizen blade he was trying to sell, claiming I had seen and authenticated it